Most of the days and most of us are waiting to peacefully begin or conclude another day and we find ourselves waiting for some “Me Time”. Yes, we all agree, long soothing baths are amazing way to seize it! And what better way to do it other than naturally? 

Plain and simple, all of us including CLAY are usually looking for some natural products these days, while trying hard not to fall for products whose packages state “Paraben Free” or “No Chemicals Used” but generally consists of some or large amounts in it. So yes, saying and following is hardly possible for the most. We at CLAY have our propaganda to create design and provide with bathing soaps which are hand-crafted with natural ingredients referring to no place else but our age-old traditions of Ayurveda. Our main theme and focus revolve around creating bathing bars which use all and only earth-born natural products.

Since we know the need of it personally, we have put in as much thought and effort to re-create these little but essential products we use on the largest organ of our body i.e. skin with all and only natural products.

As commoners, we are all also worried about the size, quantity and quality we will be provided to feel the natural bliss, but hey you’ve come at the right place!
So, relax . revive . refresh

Reusable & Biodegradable packging


The idea for home-made natural bathing soaps emerged from the minds of two artists whose main occupation is involved on cruise ships as professional photographers. Given the current COVID-19 pandemic situation is currently back to their hometowns in India.

Akshata Rupawate, belongs to Mumbai and Rachit Oberoi from Delhi. The idea for forming CLAY was a combination of two things, a practical thought to not knowing for how long will the lock-down extend and being the artistic minds that they are, creating something that us commoners would love and usually look up for, came up in their conversation as he was travelling back home. Rachit has been involved in business activities previously and with his knowledge as a marketing management student, we, in CLAY take business ethics seriously and Akshata herself was involved in innovation & creativity field as a mass media student prior to joining the photography industry. These prior experiences and the added adventure of all the travel while cruising, knowing what a soul would wish for, they found CLAY! 

Both of them believe in making sure our patrons do not feel cheated in any manner with respect to the quantity and the quality of the product. We at Clay are designing as we are one of you in many manners. They are also constantly researching as to how the environmental impact if any, can be improvised keeping the quality and purchasing power in mind.

Why the name ‘CLAY’:
These are hand crafted just as we once would mould an item made up of clay and proudly place for our closed ones to enjoy and appreciate! Hoping that you enjoy these magical moulds for some self-love! 

We would appreciate your feedback so that we can provide you better.

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